October 4, 2014

Playing with Modern Affinity Once Again

Affinity or Robots is one of the pure aggro decks in the modern format that is very fast and resilient. A deck so focused in strategy that it is very difficult to deal with in game 1. However, it is also a deck that is very easy to hate with multiple cards in the modern environment post sideboard. I will discuss my current deck list for Affinity / Robots and what I want to change in the deck after playing modern for the first time here in Japan.

August 27, 2014

November 2014 FNM Card - Brain Maggot with Picture

No doubt about it, Brain Maggot is a great card and an FNM promo version of the card is pretty sweet. The art is eerily good. It gives me goosebumps but it is a masterpiece and I love it! I might need to go to FNMs every week for November for this promo.

October 2014 FNM Card - Fanatic of Xenagos with Picture

The FNM Promo for October is a party goer and a devotee to the Revel God Xenagos. Compared to last month's FNM promo, Fanatic of Xenagos didn't really have much appearance in the competitive Standard picture, even though it has one of the best or better Tribute effects in my opinion. If you think Red-Green Aggro will be a thing for the future, aim for this FNM promo for October besides, the art is cool.

September 2014 FNM Card - Banishing Light with Picture

The FNM Promo in September is a Standard staple after the rotation. A good promo at the right time. Banishing Light is the functional reprint of the good old Oblivion Ring and it surely gets the job done.

June 27, 2014

July 2014 FNM Card - Magma Spray with Picture

Friday Night Magic in July will be red hot with a foil Magma Spray as the FNM Promo Card. Wow, this  is the first promo card to feature the new M15 border and it definitely looks great in this promo along with a very nice artwork with Koth in it.

A closer look at the superb artwork on this promo card.

This is the recent version of Magma Spray in Journey into Nyx.

June 22, 2014

Devotion in Nagano Championship Trials 2014 Saku City

MonoRed Devotion by Bryan Inno Wong - Semifinalist
21 Mountain

Rakdos Cackler
Firedrinker Satyr
Burning-Tree Emissary
Ash Zealot
Rakdos Shred-Freak
Firefist Striker
Boros Reckoner
Chandra's Phoenix
Fanatic of Mogis

Lightning Strike
Magma Jet

Searing Blood
Mizzium Mortars
Magma Spray
Harness by Force


Round 1  vs MonoBlue Devotion (L 1-2)

Round 2 vs Naya Midrange (W 2-0)

Round 3 vs GW Beatdown (W 2-0)

Round 4 vs Esper Control (W 2-1)

Top 4:
Semifinals vs Naya Beatdown (L 0-2)


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